Computational Biomedicine Group

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

    The team led by Francesca Finotello works on the bioinformatic analysis of bulk and single-cell multiomics data and on the development of computational methods to inform precision and personalized medicine. Our group has a special focus on cancer immunology: we integrate bioinformatics, systems biology, and machine learning techniques to shed light on the rules governing tumor-immune cell interactions. By characterizing the landscape of cancer neoantigens, the composition of the tumor immune contexture, and the intricate crosstalk governing cell-cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment, we aim at extracting mechanistic rationale to improve cancer therapy.

    We welcome skilled and motivated LFU students from different disciplines who would like to join our team and focus their Bachelor's or Master's thesis project on bioinformatics applied to cancer and cancer immunology. Candidates should be proficient in R or Python programming. Previous experience in BASH programming and High Performance Computing (HPC) is desirable but not mandatory.